Hi - my name is Deborah and I'm the photographer, stylist, cook & chief dishwasher at Motif.  
I specialise in product & lifestyle photography, with a particular passion (& taste!) for food photography, from my studio near the Christchurch CBD. Over the years I've worked with a range of amazing advertising clients, food manufacturers, and cookbook authors from around New Zealand and overseas. You can see some of their tasty images on my gallery pages.

To complement my photographic assignments I also provide styling services to my own clients, as well as other photographers and TV production companies. This has enabled me to build a large range of props and backgrounds to use on my photo shoots, and is constantly being added to whenever I see a "must have" prop. Needless to say the cupboards are full to overflowing!.


    I've entered quite a few photographic competitions in my time as a photographer and have won multiple awards both in NZ & internationally. The high light being winning the 2006 NZ Advertising Photographer of the Year.

    When I have some spare time I also write a food blog called ‘The Food Union’, which is all about my experiences cooking and photographing food. I've included recipes from many of my favourite cook books and food magazines, as well as a few recipes from my foodie friends. Some are chefs and some are just fantastic cooks who love to play in the kitchen. Together I hope we've created a blend of foodie inspiration to go along with the images. This type of collaboration has also inspired the name of the blog - The Food Union - which is all about a blend of foodie ideas from lots of different sources, and has nothing to do with any workers union! I use organic eggs and free range products where possible, and strongly believe the world would be a much better place without the factory farming of animals.

    Here is some daring background info about me:

    • I live in Christchurch, New Zealand (that's the little country next to Australia).
    • I've had a few career changes along the way. But now that I've finally grown up I have settled on being a food photographer and stylist. 
    • Home is a 105 year old partially renovated cottage - with two resident moggys who believe night time is the best time for partying!
    • Over the years I've done a fair bit of travelling and living overseas - I would  rate Paris as my all time favourite city, followed closely by New York, and then Melbourne. Mind you this list is a work in progress so could change after the next trip away!
    • I'm a twin - yup amazing isn't it there's another person in this world (in fact this city) who looks and sounds just like me!
    • I have particular passion and taste for food - and try cooking all sorts of recipes. Some work better than others, and like everyone I've had some spectacular flops, but that's another story.
    • I enjoy the challenge of my work - so food looks natural and appetising. If the final image screams EAT ME I know I've succeeded, and I'm always up for a little taste testing at the end of a shoot.
    • I have parmigiano reggiano with my pasta - every time! Even if my sister tells me it smells like baby sick! 
    • I have plenty of self-control - just not around food! Desserts, particularly recipes made with chocolate, are my downfall. My biggest weakness is Champagne Truffles from Teuscher of Switzerland (sadly not available in NZ - www.teuscher.com). I've eaten a whole box of these in one sitting on a few occasions. The after effects are not attractive.
    • I use to dance - but retired many years ago - so don't ask for a demo. I also use to be into Dressage with my lovely grey gelding - but these days I would need a step ladder to even climb on board a horse! 
    • I don't iron regularly. Well I do but it's more of an Iron on Demand type service - I only iron what I'm putting on that day. Plus any props for the days shoot.
    • I'm a hoarder - yes I admit it. My worst hoarding item would have to be magazines - particularly food magazines. OK I'm a magazine addict - I admit it! I just can't throw them out. My excuse is you never know one day I may just need to look something up. Of course this day is yet to arrive!